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  • The Universe is her Crown

    The Universe is her Crown

    Beauty queen, social media influencer and entrepreneur, Maria Thattil, talks to Rachit Gupta about her fascinating journey to the top of the world Maria Thattil […]

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  • Dubai hooks the hulk

    Dubai hooks the hulk

    Rachit Gupta chronicles the fascinating story of bodybuilder, powerlifter and social media star Larry Wheels and his journey to making Dubai his dream home He […]

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  • Wind beneath her wings

    Wind beneath her wings - Captain Zoya Aggarwal of Air India

    Captain Zoya Aggarwal of Air India, recalls her inspirational journey to becoming the first female Commander in history to fly over the North Pole. Rachit […]

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  • Guide to Greatness

    Amitabh Bachchan’s flawless punctuality is one of the main reasons why he’s one of the most celebrated and respected professionals in the world Watercolor portrait […]

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